Outdoor Adventure Afterschool Program

Held at Open Fields School on Thetford Hill, we take kids from any school, and focus on learning and playing in the outdoors and natural arts.


Bold Paths is offering our afterschool program at Open Fields School, starting Monday, Sept 17, 2018 , with just Mondays.   If there is enough interest early enough, we could potentially offer Tuesday programming as well.

We feed a simple snack and have activities all afternoon, till pick up at 5:30pm at OFS. We walk the children over from Thetford Elementary School to join the OFS students at OFS.

We are off on adventures most days, weather dependent, so pick up is at 5:15-5:30pm. If you need to pick up early on a specific day, you must let the director Bonna know by the day before, preferably earlier, and we will let you know where to meet us.

Some of our activities include:

– Exploring and environmental education

– Team building games

– Creating with natural arts (favorites are fiber arts, including spinning, weaving, felting with alpaca fiber, clay, making rope with natural materials, nature art, tie dying)

– Fire Building (teaching fire building and cooking over the fire)

– Plant Party (using various plants to create: foods, natural dyes, making salves, tea)

– Woodland Games

– Building Fairy Houses

– Knot tying, tents and tarps (and Building outdoor furniture, with lashing)

– Fort Building

– Nature Hiking (using our 5 senses to discover the wonders of nature, bringing small mirrors to see above while you’re walking, bring magnifying glasses)

– Scavenger Hunts

– Compasses and orienteering skills


– Cross-Country Skiing

We really like field trips, and if we have parents who can help with transportation, we can go to my camp land on Miller Pond Rd in S. Strafford, or to the lake for kayaking. (Please let Bonna know if you can help with transportation and when that can be.)

Some resources:

Project Wet

Project Wild

Project Learning Tree

Growing Up Wild (ages 3-7)

I am an environmental educator and was certified as a science teacher. I teach river and watershed studies to all ages. I teach kayaking as an ACA certified instructor. I teach cross country skiing as well.

The cornerstone of our kid-friendly offerings is our Touching Earth and Arts Camp that teaches children technical, hard and soft outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics along with a deep appreciation of and connection with the world we inhabit.

Visit our Camp page at http://www.boldpaths.com to learn more.

Please print registration packet below, and return to:  Bonna Wieler, 107 Miller Pond Rd, Thetford Center 05075 VT, or email to <boldpaths@gmail.com> :


For more info: boldpaths@gmail.com, 802-333-3549 home, 802-274-0810 cell

Costs: please add up your bill according to the number of days, see below.  No refunds for missed days)

I will also send an invoice once you register and I know the days you are sending your child(ren).


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