Workshops and Residencies

Workshops are tailored to fit your interests and goals. We offer hands-on activities for children of all ages as well as for adults and groups that span multiple generations. We can come to your site, or you can come to our base location in S. Strafford, Vermont. Programs adjust to your schedule and needs, and can range in length from 45 minutes to a half or full day for individual classes, or multiple days/months for extended residencies.


  • Beaver impact
  • Nature/river walk
  • River ecology
  • Macro-invertebrates
  • Water quality
  • Geology
  • Riparian forests
  • Watershed concepts
  • How water forms land
  • Plant identification
  • Velocity/boat races


  • Local history. living history
  • Native culture
  • River uses: past and present, hydro-power and environment

Restoration and Protection

  • Streambank stabilization
  • Trail building/access to river
  • Erosion and buffer zones
  • Build and erect birdhouses
  • Wildlife habitat
  • River issues skits

Don’t see an activity listed you would like to try? Let us know. Our guides and educators have a wide range of skills to share. Please call to check availability.

To schedule and plan an individual workshop or outdoor education residency, or for more information about the programs we offer, please call 802-333-3549 or email us.

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