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Slovenia’s Finest Courses


When winter seems endless and you are longing for a lovely afternoon on the greens, what can you do? Take a golf holiday in Slovenia. Slovenia is a small jewel of a country, bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia and whose culture and cuisine has, over centuries, been influenced by all of these neighbors From modern casinos to medieval castles, Slovenia has it all. Her climate is Mediterranean, warm and gentle in the spring and fall, pleasantly toasty in summer, with three full seasons of delightful weather. Spring is in full flush during April and May, a perfect time to enjoy a golf vacation on her world-class courses, when northern golf courses are freezing cold and muddy. In July and August when southern courses are blistering hot, Slovenia is pleasantly sunny and warm in a moderate, Mediterranean kind of way. In addition to all of these virtues, Slovenia offers great travel value for your dollar. This is a special tour for 4-10 guests. Car and driver/guide are included.


  • Lake Bled and Bled golf course, one of golf’s most scenic locations, pictured right
  • Volcji Potok Arboretum and golf course, in the capital of Ljubljana, called the little Prague
  • Mokrice castle and golf course, the course itself surrounds the castle. Be the first to play through a moat!
  • Ptuj golf course, in Slovenia’s oldest city.