Kayaking Camps with Crossroads Academy

Choose the week of June 25-29, or the week of July 2-6, for ages 9-14, 9-3:30 plus before and after camp care.  We will be kayaking each day of reasonable weather, and playing games when there are times we are not on the water. Learn with ACA instructor Bonna Wieler of Bold Paths, and Matt McGuigan of Crossroads Academy.  Instruction starts with beginning lessons and moves forward to learn skills including good paddling techniques, how to get back into your boat, how to empty a boat, helping others back into their boats, games of skill building, and trips on lakes and the Connecticut River.
All kayaks and gear are provided, variety of boats to suit each camper.
Questions?  contact <bonna.wieler@gmail.com> or     <matt.mcguigan@crossroadsacademy.org>

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