Testimonials and Reviews


I noticed you and Debra did a paddle through Worcester last weekend. It is so great that you are both going to be AMC paddlers!  You are already a remarkable leader and I am happy you two will be a formal part of the AMC.                                K Martin


Thank you so much for everything this year!  Mia really benefited from learning at your program and the special engagement that you offer, it’s really special.  Thank you so much.


Bonna, Ripple and Tuck (dog and cat),

We are thankful that you have chosen to share this place and your time.  The stream, the ferns, the breeze, the birds, and the flowers all helped us to breathe a bit deeper, think a bit slower, and stretch our limbs more freely.  Continue to pour into like-minded individuals as you paddle the rivers and ponds, and the world will be better off for it.
Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.  Never cease to be amazed and surprised by the joy this life can bring

Sincerely, J, M and D


Yes it was something we all will remember 🙂 Yes from going reverse in the first 15 minutes to going all the way across the lake was really something I enjoyed.You instilled a lot of confidence in me..Thanks for being such a inspiring teacher.


Thanks so much Bonna!  Your organization, your skills and knowledge, and your wonderful, clear and caring response to all–especially to the youth–regardless of their existing skills, was exemplary.  What a great resource for the Valley.  And thanks for making it such fun!  And thanks too, to the Parks system, for making such an important initiative available.


A very wonderful experience in the enchanting woods of Vermont. We very much enjoyed our stay, especially knowing that we were leaving little to no environmental footprint during our stay. Bonna is an extremely generous, kind and progressive woman. We had all of our meals together, where we indulged in very meaningful conversation. It felt comfortable, like we were visiting our really easy going aunt. We also took great advantage of local hikes, where our city dog was in heaven and off leash! A great stay for any laid back, community oriented and environmentally conscious individuals.


Bonna is a lovely lady. Really fun, welcoming and smart. She made us feel not just comfortable but also took smart care. She has been an adventurer for a lot of years now, and hence shared her knowledge and skills along with her experiences with us all. The place is just perfect for unwinding yourself, having some peaceful time, adventure, hikes and fun. Bonna suggested us trails to hike and helped us with basic survival things like flashlights which we did not carry with us.


It was a beautiful place to stay, you can go to sleep with the sound of nature.

Bonna’s place was great. We had been driving for a long day & Bonna pointed the kids, my husband & I down to the river, where the kids enjoyed skipping stones & playing with the clay. We had a lovely little fire that we made dinner over & Bonna taught the kids how to use cat tails as fire starters. The kids were so entertained by the whole adventure of Bonna’s house. Bonna even shared her veg from the csa, so we had a terrific salad. She was a wonderful host & my kids were sad to leave in the morning! Thanks!

It was wonderful to hear the stream at night and all the sounds of nature.


Steps from the babbling creek, we woke up and fell asleep to this constant comforting sound. You can cool off in the creek or swim at the lovely lake nearby (where Bonna will teach you kayaking!), and hike and explore the woods around the yurt and nearby. Aside from the peace of the space and woods, I felt a real connection with Bonna; she is so warm, open and eager to share her home, knowledge, and stories.