“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”

Henry David Thoreau

A RiverDay is…A day of learning, protection, and inspiration around our river. RiverDays is a collaboration between Connecticut RiverFest, Natural Resources Conservation Districts, town conservation committees, and schools. Each day-long event offers educational and artistic explorations at the water’s edge, hands-on restoration / protection projects, a river honoring, and stewardship education for landowners.


  1. Encourage conservation commissions, schools and community members to collaborate in education, stewardship and celebration of their part of the river
  2. Inspire towns to plan an on-going relationship with their river
  3. Directly involve students, teachers, and parents in honoring and celebrating the life of the river, leading to an increased awareness of important river issues
  4. Effect improvements at specific river sites

Implementation of a RiverDay consists of planning with the conservation commission and interested citizens to target river protection projects, and two planning meetings with school faculty. Schools divide their students into mixed age groups; each group rotates through stations where experts, town people knowledgeable in their area of interest, and artists lead students through specific activities, chosen by the teachers.

A RiverDay may involve a whole school or chosen grades K-8. Different age groups may rotate through part-day or all-day workshops, or choose to participate in more than one RiverDay.  Parent/community volunteers accompany faculty members with their students. Educational opportunities are available throughout the year. A list of workshop options is listed below.


  • Clay critters
  • River murals
  • Water-inspired readings/writings


  • Songwriting
  • Making instruments
  • River dance


  • Creative writing
  • Native American culture
  • Poetry


  • Beaver impact
  • Nature/river walk
  • River ecology
  • Macro-invertebrates
  • Water quality
  • Geology
  • Riparian forests
  • Watershed concepts
  • How water forms land
  • Plant identification
  • Velocity/boat races


  • Local history. living history
  • Native culture
  • River uses: past and present, hydropower and environment

Restoration and Protection

  • Streambank stabilization
  • Trail building/access to river
  • Erosion and buffer zones
  • Build and erect birdhouses
  • Wildlife habitat
  • River issues skits


  • Fly tying and casting
  • Environmental games
  • Kayak & canoe trips

Don’t see an activity listed you would like to try? Let us know. Our guides and educators have a wide range of skills to share. Please call to check availability.

To schedule and plan a RiverDay event or for more information about the program, please call 802-333-3549 or email us.

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