Family-Centered Outdoor Adventures

Craving a little adventure? Want to pry your children away from electronics and introduce them to a world of fun just outside their back door?

We tailor trips to your family’s interests and needs, catering to all ages and abilities. Your custom-family adventure can be a short afternoon romp or a weekend to week-long excursion.

Learn to:

  • family_insetkayak on Miller Pond, South Strafford, VT; Lake Fairlee, Fairlee, VT; the Connecticut River; or suggest a location
  • use a map and compass/orienteering to navigate through the wilderness
  • build a campfire without using matches
  • cook on a campfire
  • cross-country ski or snowshoe

Don’t see an activity listed you would like to try? Let us know. Our guides and educators have a wide range of skills to share. Please call to check availability.

To schedule and plan a family-centered adventure or for more information about the programs we offer, please call 802-333-3549 or email us.

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