TEA Camp Session 1: June 28-31, 2021. Session 2: July 5-9, 2021

Summer Camp 2021:  This year we will run camp in two co-vid-smart sessions, basing our 2 different weeks at Kettle Pond in Groton State Park.  There are 6 lean-to’s in a campsite, so we can have our own spaces, plus plenty of space at the campsite for tents, fire pits, activities.  Activities will include kayaking (each camper with their own boat and paddle and life jacket for the week), hiking, biking (with their own bikes and helmets), outdoor and primitive skills, and survival techniques trainings.  We will try out some new techniques for camping skills.

Session 1: June 28 week for 4 nights M-Th (Drop off Monday at Groton, with Friday pickup at Groton)                                            Session 2: July 5 week for 4 nights (Drop off Monday at Groton, with Friday pickup at Groton) 

Parents drop off and pick up at Groton State Park.   Details to follow registration.                                                                    Negative Covid test right before camp. (Fairlee fire station has a non-invasive self-administered test)

Let us know what camping gear your child may need, and if s/he has a small tent to use.


Registration-TEA Camp 2021

Gear list for 2-3 days

4-5 Day Gear List.   

If you want your copy of the gear list, just make a copy and retitle it and edit your own copy please. 

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