Letter of Reference

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Bonna Wieler for the position of educator. I have known Bonna for two decades and have overwhelming respect for her as a teacher, mentor, guide, collaborator, and organizer. She is conscientious and dedicated in an educational environment, loving her work and the valuing the connections that she has with her students.

I have worked with Bonna in several capacities over the years: as a camp leader when she directed VerShare Camp, as a craft leader when she organized the Revels Solstice Festival, as a parent sending my child to her summer camp, and as a participant in many of the events that she has organized over the years (from WinterFest to Connecticut RiverFest). I am currently a teacher at Open Fields School. Touching the Earth & Arts after school program is conducted in my building, so I get to see Bonna in action all the time. She is inventive, sensitive, creative, and energetic. She has a positive attitude and assumes that children are capable people who can expand their horizons. She provides challenges and offers encouragement, helping children to learn traditional crafts and exposing them to new experiences. Her programs are hands-on, requiring children to immerse themselves into activities, resulting in children who have learned real life skills. While she is down to earth and has an easy manner with children, she also provides expert direction and leadership.

What amazes me about Bonna is her extreme level of commitment. Her programs are top quality. You will never see Bonna give children crayons or board games to keep them busy. Bonna wants to teach children traditional arts such as candle-making, dyeing with plants, basic wood working skills, and primitive survival skills. She runs outdoor activities like cross country skiing, kayaking, hiking, plant identification, and Leave No Trace camping. Bonna wants children to learn about their immediate environments, participate in activities that expand their horizons, develop a greater sense of self, and build connections with their communities. One will typically see Bonna driving a carload of supplies for an afternoon of tie-dying or puppet-making. She will carry a half dozen tubs and boxes into school in order to run a single session. She is extremely driven and determined to make her program the best it can possibly be. Her commitment is unfathomably deep, and that is what makes her such an effective program director.

Bonna will be a strong asset to any work environment. I would be happy to discuss Bonna’s qualifications with anyone who would like to get in touch with me.

Leslie Berger

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