9th annual Women’s kayak Connecticut River trip, Sept 15-17, 2018

In Central Vermont, join our Connecticut River calm-water paddle on flat gently moving waters, delightful for a relaxing paddle or to stretch your muscles. Kayak rentals are available, with paddle, pfd, and dry
bag if needed.

Instruction in paddling fundamentals for participants with a range of abilities, from the wary new paddler to those seeking to refine their technique. We aim to keep participants comfortable while teaching them to become more efficient, capable and confident paddlers. Flat-water lessons by ACA Flat-water Touring, Sea Kayak, and White Water certified instructor Bonna Wieler and co-leader Debra Weisenstein.

12 miles on a 2-day kayaking trip on the calm Connecticut River in central Vermont, plus exploring wetlands and estuaries.
Leaders: Bonna Wieler, boldpaths@gmail.com, 802-274-0810
Debra Weisenstein, dkweis@gmail.com


We will stay at a whole house overlooking the Connecticut River in Piermont area.


$300, includes boat rental and gear if wanted, and meals which are provided.                (you provide your snacks for the weekend)


trips REGISTRATION general form

**2018 WAIVER -general, rev. 8.1.17

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